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Front office is currently closed and building is locked. Those with access (cat card & pin) will still be able to come into the building. 

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March 30, 2020

A couple of important announcements –
  1. School Closures & Staff Flexibility: The Governor has announced that all schools will be closed for the duration of the school year. That means that anyone with children at home will be required to provide home schooling. This will be additional burden on our staff, faculty, and grad students/postdocs with kids.  This morning I discussed the need for flexibility with our office staff.  Faculty, please make sure that you are also flexible with your lab staff. People with children CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO BE AVAILABLE AT ALL TIMES between 9am and 5pm because they will need to spend time with their children. I strongly suggest that each of you have a discussion with your staff about this issue – how you will build flexibility into staff schedules, and how you can set reasonable expectations for keeping communication going, timelines for completing tasks, etc. In this crazy situation we’re in, we need to understand the additional pressures that are being put on all of us, and people with school-age children have even more to deal with. 
  1. Building: It appears that a surprisingly large number of people are still working in the Psychology building, based on Todd’s assessment and the feedback from our cleaning staff. Please remember, unless you have some critical reason for physically being in the building, you should be working from home.  If you need help obtaining equipment from the building, please contact Todd and he can assist you with that.  I’m sure this goes without saying, but if you have any symptoms of the virus, you should be quarantining yourself at home.  Do not go to the building --  the building is not empty, and this increases the likelihood that you will spread the disease to others.
  1. Mail: Susan Boulio in the behavioral health clinic has kindly offered to pick up the mail at central receiving each Monday morning. She is NOT sorting it for everyone.  I’ve asked Todd to see if he has time to do this task occasionally, but probably not everyday. So mail will be in the front office, and see Todd if you want to access it.
  1. New Grants Administrator: Welcome “officially” to Dyann Garcia who has accepted the position as our new pre-awards administrator.  Many of you have already met Dyann and worked with her, and we’re delighted that she’s joining our team.  Please send her your warm welcomes by email.
  1. Yoga: A reminder that we’ll have our first-ever online yoga class with Keri tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30 am.  Please join us.  It should be a fun experiment.
  1. Silver Linings Part 2 will go out later this afternoon.  If you want to contribute, please send me your emails in the next couple of hours.  I’ve got some great stuff for this edition, please send more!  I particularly like seeing the pictures. 

March 25, 2020

  1. Graduation.  After discussions with our grad students, we will not be holding an alternative “online” version of graduation. Our graduates are welcome to attend the graduation ceremonies in December 2020 or May 2021. Of course we’ll still find a way to honor their outstanding accomplishments come May.
  2. Masters Poster Session Postponed.  Based on the feedback from our grad students, we’ve decided to postpone the Masters poster session until September.  All second year students will present their work in September, and then we’ll have our regular “second year” poster session in May for our next year’s class.
  3. Unemployed undergrads.  Dean Cheu let us know that there are currently about 2,000 undergrads who previously held jobs at UA who are now unemployed.  These are students who worked in the bookstore, the Student Union, etc.  The administration is planning to announce that they will support 50% of the cost of employing these students, if we have need for them.  We can probably add a few of them to your courses to help with online teaching, or if you have ideas of how to employ some of these students online to work on research, please let me know.  We expect that the announcement will come out shortly.   
  4. Mental health support for students.  Our Behavioral Health Clinic is working with CAPS to provide telehealth support to students who are having difficulty coping with the pandemic.  An email went out to all COS students today letting them know that phone and online support is available through CAPS.  Please remind your students that they are not alone, and that if they need support to please reach out to CAPS.  Thanks to all our wonderful clinical faculty, our clinical grad students, and of course our outstanding clinic director, Catherine Shisslak, for offering their services and providing guidance to the University of Arizona on how to best address the mental health needs of our students.
  5. Student needs.  Please consider making a small donation to the Student Emergency Fund (link below) or making a donation to the Campus Pantry, if you can.  I think we underestimate the number of undergrads out there who will be unable to meet their most basic needs – rent and food.  If you hear from students in your classes who are struggling, please share that information with me, and the Dean of Students. 
  6. International students.  We’ve been trying to get more information about the situation for student visas.  There is some information online for returning students on the UA Global website  Today we were told that the State Department is not accepting applications for new visas.  This may have an impact on our existing students, but will undoubtedly have an impact on our graduate student applicants.  I will be working with John Allen and Beth Owens to provide those students with revised offer letters stating that we will be open to extending their start date in the program to January or the following August, should visa issues not be resolved by August.  I’ve also been asked about whether our current international students (both undergrad and graduate) should consider returning home.  Of course that is a personal decision, but my concern is that we can’t know what will happen with returning student visas.  We’ll do everything we can to support those students through our online courses (at least for undergrads). 
  7. Meetings.  As we discussed, we’ll move to having online meetings every second week for faculty, all-staff, and grad students/postdocs, unless urgent stuff comes up.  Kristina will arrange the zoom links for us.  I will continue to have a smaller office staff meeting every Monday morning.   If you have issues that you’d like discussed at those meetings, please send me an email.
  8. A silver lining?  This morning I was thinking about how stressed I was juggling my administrative duties and research from a distance, as well as taking on yet another grant project related to COVID-19.  And then tonight, as I was writing this email, I realized that I did two things today that I virtually never get to do during my regular “day-job”.  I had lunch with my husband, and I went for a trail run all by myself – no one else on the trails (Sweetwater), fabulous weather, a perfect run.   I know this is a trying time for everyone, but I was grateful for the small freedoms that work-from-home gave me today.  Reach out to one another, support one another, and maybe there will be a few things now and then that we can be thankful for. 

From Interim Dean Cheu:

  • Students Unaccounted For:
    • Please share this out to your faculty. Some faculty have reported that they have a number of students whom have not been heard from at all since spring break, which is worrisome.  Would you please ask any concerned faculty to report the concern into the Dean of Students office, so that we can follow up using all available information?
    • See webpage here:
    • Fill out our Online Referral Form or call (520) 621-7057 to speak with the Dean of Students staff about your concerns.
  • Compassion to Students:
    • During this time there is a vast array of emotions and technology accessibility faced by students. Please remind faculty to show compassion to students who are having a hard time. The Provost has received a number of messages from students that faculty are not understanding how hard internet access has been for some students.
    • On the flip side, while some students lack the technical abilities or access, others are interested in increasing communications with things like Zoom Office Hours. 
  • Student Emergency Fund:
    • There was a memo today with details and a link for donating to the student emergency fund officially titled Fuel the Response for Arizona Students
    • Please consider a gift to the Student Emergency Fund or the Campus Pantry, and help us provide essential services to students most impacted by the current crisis.

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