Psychologist Creates Tool for Measuring Memory

Psychologist Creates Tool for Measuring Memory


With support from a $2.9 million grant, Jamie Edgin is testing the effectiveness of an innovative touchscreen children's memory assessment that started as a homemade project. 

Psychologist Jamie Edgin studies human memory at the University of Arizona, where her research often involves working with very young children and children with intellectual disabilities.

A few years ago, Edgin grew frustrated with the lack of standardized memory tests designed for those populations, so she gathered an armload of her kids' toys and a kitchen tray from home and went to work building her own tabletop version of an interactive game that tests memory in a style similar to the card game "Concentration."

She began using the tool in her research, and one day last year decided to lug the cumbersome prototype to the offices of Tech Launch Arizona, the UA division dedicated to helping campus researchers move their innovations to market.

After demonstrating her concept, Edgin was awarded a $71,000 asset development grant from TLA that enabled her to work with Tucson-based Galatea Studios, a firm that does app and game design and development. The company helped her translate her concept into an Android touchscreen-based battery of tests, which Edgin uses in her research today.

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Published Date: 
10/05/2016 - 10:11