Research Areas

Promoting health is the fundamental mission of the Psychology Department.

  • Understanding the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to health and disease;
  • Translating knowledge into innovative solutions for neurological, psychological and social problems;
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles among people of all ages.

Healthy Minds

We explore the mind, how it interacts with the brain and the world around us to influence our perceptions, our thoughts, our memories, our decisions, and our emotions. Our understanding of these fundamental processes and the brain mechanisms that support them is a critical first step in developing ways to maintain and improve cognitive and emotional health throughout the lifespan, and in those individuals with disorders affecting the brain.
Faculty in Healthy Minds Research 

Healthy Brains

We seek to understand how the normal brain develops and adapts from infancy to old age, and how lifelong adaptation is influenced by genetics, psychological and physical stress, and disease. Expanding our understanding of disorders such as autism, Down syndrome, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s disease will lead to innovative treatments that prevent or ameliorate these disorders that, directly or indirectly, touch all our lives.
Faculty in Healthy Brains Research

Healthy Lives

We live, think, and adapt within a complex world. We study the social, cultural and environmental factors that shape our thoughts, emotions and behavior, and affect how we relate to others around us. By understanding these influences, we hope to help people cope with life’s many challenges and make better lifestyle choices that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.
Faculty in Healthy Lives Research