Ariana Torrejon

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Graduate Student, Social Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Alyssa Croft
Psychology 436
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Hello, my name is Ariana Torrejon. I was born and raised in Tucson Arizona.
I received my undergraduate degree from The University of Arizona where I majored in psychology. I am currently a 4th year Graduate student in the PhD program in Social Psychology at the University of Arizona (Go Cats!) Broadly my research interests include implicit attitudes and behavior change; specifically, implicit bias, stereotyping and prejudice. I have a passion for teaching and learning. In my teaching you will find that the principles you learn extend beyond the classroom and into your everyday interactions When I am not teaching or doing research I enjoy traveling, spending time with my niece and nephew and hanging out with my cat Mimi.
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Psy 360 Social Psychology
Psy 352 Personality Psychology
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