Arne Ekstrom

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Real name: 
Professor, Cognition & Neural Systems
Professor, Evelyn McKnight Brain Institute
Psychology 217D (office) / Psychology 215 A-C (labs)
Research Interests: 
  • Human spatial navigation and memory
  • Scalp and invasive EEG recordings
  • Virtual reality
Selected Publications: 
  • Kyle C.T., Stokes J.D., Lieberman J., Hassan A.S., Ekstrom A.D.  (2015).  Successful retrieval of competing spatial environments in humans involves hippocampal pattern separation mechanisms.  eLife.  27, e10499.  PMID: 26613414.
  • Arnold AE., Iaria G., and Ekstrom A.D. (2016).  Mental simulation of routes during navigation involves adaptive temporal compression.  Cognition.  157: 14-23.  PMID: 27568586.
  • Vass L.K., Copara M.S., Seyal M. Shahlie, K., Tomaszewski-Farias S., Shen P., Ekstrom A.D(2016).  Oscillations go the distance: Low frequency human hippocampal oscillations code spatial distance in the absence of sensory cues during teleportation.  Neuron.  89: 1-7.  PMID: 26924436.
  • Ekstrom A.D., Huffman D., and Starrett M.J. (in press).  Interacting networks of brain regions underlie human spatial navigation: A review and novel synthesis of the literature.  Journal of Neurophysiology
Courses Taught: 

Cognitive Neuroscience: A guide to mind and brain

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