Ashley Jordan

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Real name: 
Associate Professor of Practice
Director of Online Programs, Psychology
(520) 621-1109
Psychology 425
Research Interests: 

My primary research interests revolve around the scholarship of teaching and learning in online contexts in Higher Education. Specifically, I am interested in how pedagogical practices and technologies can be used and incorporated in an online environment in order to enhance student engagement with the instructor, with peers, and with course material. My ultimate goal is to increase student success: meaning better learning (evidenced through improved grades) and better retention (evidenced through graduation rates and time to degree).

Selected Publications: 

Jordan, A. C., & Ellis, B. J. (revise and resubmit status). The pubertal transition:  An evolutionary developmental model for explaining sex differences in risky adolescent behavior.

Barnett, M. A., Cabeza de Baca, T., Jordan, A. C., Tilley, E., & Ellis, B. M. (2015) Associations among child perceptions of parenting support, maternal parenting efficacy, and maternal depressive symptoms. Child and Youth Care Forum. Advanced online publication. doi:  10.1007/s10566-014-9267-9

Ellis, B. J., Jordan, A. C., Grotuss, J., Csinady, A., Keenan, T., & Bjorklund, D. F. (2014). The predator-avoidance effect:  An evolved constraint on emerging theory of mind.  Evolution and Human Behavior. 35, 245-256.

Bjorklund, D. F., & Jordan, A. C. (2012). Human parenting from an evolutionary perspective. In B. Wilcox & K. Kline (Eds.), Gender and Parenthood:  Natural and Social Science Perspectives. New York: Columbia University Press.

Jordan, A. C., Schlomer, G. L. & Ellis, B. J. (2012) Evolutionary developmental psychology. In V. S. Ramachandran (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, (2nd ed).