Ashley Jordan

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Assistant Professor of Practice
(520) 621-1109
Psychology 425
Research Interests: 


My primary research interests revolve around the study of risky adolescent behavior. Specifically, I am interested in how multiple layers of an individual’s life (e.g., biology, family environment, peer relationships, community, culture) as well as inter-generational influences impact child and adolescent development. Additionally, I’m interested in the evolutionarily relevant gender differences in adolescent risk-taking and in the various buffering contexts that may prevent or protect against risk-taking.

Selected Publications: 

Jordan, A. C., & Ellis, B. J. (revise and resubmit status). The pubertal transition:  An evolutionary developmental model for explaining sex differences in risky adolescent behavior.

Barnett, M. A., Cabeza de Baca, T., Jordan, A. C., Tilley, E., & Ellis, B. M. (2015) Associations among child perceptions of parenting support, maternal parenting efficacy, and maternal depressive symptoms. Child and Youth Care Forum. Advanced online publication. doi:  10.1007/s10566-014-9267-9

Ellis, B. J., Jordan, A. C., Grotuss, J., Csinady, A., Keenan, T., & Bjorklund, D. F. (2014). The predator-avoidance effect:  An evolved constraint on emerging theory of mind.  Evolution and Human Behavior. 35, 245-256.

Bjorklund, D. F., & Jordan, A. C. (2012). Human parenting from an evolutionary perspective. In B. Wilcox & K. Kline (Eds.), Gender and Parenthood:  Natural and Social Science Perspectives. New York: Columbia University Press.

Jordan, A. C., Schlomer, G. L. & Ellis, B. J. (2012) Evolutionary developmental psychology. In V. S. Ramachandran (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, (2nd ed).