Dana Narter

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Real name: 
Associate Professor of Practice

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, University of Arizona, 1997

Psychology 430
Research Interests: 

My current research interests focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education.

I am a full-time Lecturer in the Psychology Department, which means that my primary responsibilities are related to teaching.  I teach PSY 150a1 (Structure of Mind and Behavior), PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychology),  PSY 290/297 (Research Methods Lecture/Laboratory), and PSY 340 (Cognitive Development). 

Courses Taught: 

PSY 101:  Introduction to Psychology PSY 150A1:  The Structure of Mind and Behavior PSY 240:  Developmental Psychology PSY 290/297:  Research Methods PSY 325:  Cognitive Psychology PSY 326:  Human Memory PSY 340:  Introduction to Cognitive Development PSY 360:  Social Psychology