Elizabeth Ver Hoeve

Elizabeth Ver Hoeve's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Heidi Hamann
Psychology 411
Research Interests: 
My research focuses on understanding factors that impact the lives of individuals
as they adjust to health-related adversity such as cancer. Specifically, I am interested
in identifying psychological, interpersonal and societal processes that influence adherence to clinical treatment recommendations. I am particularly motivated to address health disparities within the context of cancer and am currently studying how patient navigation systems may improve care coordination.


Selected Publications: 
Hamann, H. A., Ver Hoeve, E. S., Carter-Harris, L., Studts, J. L., & Ostroff, J. S. (2018). Multilevel Opportunities to Address Lung Cancer Stigma across the Cancer Control Continuum. Journal of Thoracic Oncology.
Rice, B. A., Ver Hoeve, E. S., DeLuca, A. N., Esserman, L. J., Rugo, H. S., & Melisko, M. E. (2018). Registry study to assess hair loss prevention with the Penguin Cold Cap in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Breast cancer research and treatment167(1), 117-122.
Schwartz, L. A., Hamilton, J. L., Brumley, L. D., Barakat, L. P., Deatrick, J. A., Szalda, D. E., ... & Kazak, A. E. (2017). Development and content validation of the transition readiness inventory item pool for adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer. Journal of pediatric psychology42(9), 983-994.
Research Program: