Heitor Fernandes

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Graduate Student: Cognition and Neural Systems
Faculty Advisor: Aurelio Figueredo
(520) 589-9885
Psychology 531
Research Interests: 
My research, most of the time highly collaborative (inside and outside of the U of A), is diverse: it includes sexual diversity, the nature of intelligence, individual differences in personality, and functional aspects (or tradeoffs) in psychopathology. The unifying common thread is the use of evolutionary theory to examine the adaptiveness behind these psychological traits, their interrelations, be they phenotypic or genetic, and to derive implications for practice. I have developed two extension courses in applications of Evolutionary Psychology in partnership with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). I am also pursuing education vis a vis College Teaching, in addition to advanced statistics and software development, for implementation of novel research methods.
Courses Taught: 
Instructor for PSY 352  Personality Psychology, PSI01037 Tópicos em Psicologia: Bases evolutivas da mente, do comportamento, e da sociedade (at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).
T.A. for PSY 150 Structure of Mind and Behavior, PSY 352 Personality Psychology