Jeff Greenberg

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Real name: 
Regents Professor, Social
(520) 621-7434
Psychology 513 (office) / Psychology 508 & 510 (labs)
Research Interests: 
Invesitgating how awareness of the harsh realities of existence affect well-being and contribute to social attitudes and behavior.
Selected Publications: 
Solomon, S., Greenberg, J., & Pyszczynski, T. (2015).  The worm at the core: On the role of death in life.  New York: Random House.   
Zestcott, C. A., Lifshin, U., Helm, P. J., & Greenberg J. (2016). He dies he scores: The effects of reminders of death on athletic performance in basketball. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 38, 470-480. 
Lifshin, U., Greenberg, J., Sullivan, D., & Zestcott, C. (2017). The evil animal: A terror management theory perspective on the human tendency to kill animals. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43 (6), 743-757.
Lifshin, U., Soenke, M., Greenberg J., Darrell, A., & Pyszczynski., T. (2018). Mortality Salience, Religiosity, and Indefinite Life Extension: Evidence of a Reciprocal Relationship Between Afterlife Beliefs and Support for Forestalling Death. Religion, Brain, and Behavior, 8(1), 31-43. 
Helm, P. J., Greenberg, J., Park, Y. C., & Pinel, E. C. (2019). Feeling alone in your subjectivity: Introducing the state trait existential isolation model (STEIM). Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 3, 146-157.  
Rothschild, L., Lifshin, U., Helm, P., & Greenberg, J. (2019). A blessing and a cure: The self as the source of both the terror and its management. In C. Routledge and M. Vess (Eds.), The Handbook of Terror Management Theory (pp.179-208). Amsterdam: Elsevier.  
Research Program: