Jeff Greenberg

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Real name: 
Professor, Social
(520) 621-7434
Psychology 513
Research Interests: 
  •  Understanding the determinants of human social behavior

I conduct experiments to assess factors that influence people’s attitudes and behavior regarding themselves and others.

Selected Publications: 

Cohen, F., Soenke, M., Solomon S., & Greenberg, J. (2013).  Evidence for a role of death thought in American attitudes toward symbols of Islam. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 189-194.

Jonas, E., Sullivan, D., & Greenberg, J. (2013). Generosity, Greed, Norms, and Death – Differential Effects of Mortality Salience on Charitable Behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 35, 47-57.

Greenberg, J., Vail, K., & Pyszczynski, T. (2014). Terror management theory and research: How the desire for death transcendence drives our strivings for meaning and significance. Advances in Motivation Science, 1, 86-134.

Pyszczynski, T., Greenberg, J., & Sullivan, D. (2015). Experimental existential psychology: Living in the shadow of the facts of life. M. Mikulincer, P. R. Shaver, E. Borgida & J.A. Bargh (Eds). Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol.1: Attitudes and Social Cognition. (pp. 279-308). Washington, D.C.: APA.

Solomon, S., Greenberg, J., & Pyszczynski, T. (2015).  The worm at the core: On the role of death in life.  New York: Random House. 

Research Program: