Jolene Jacquart

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Real name: 
Director, Behavioral Health Clinic
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Psychology Internship in Adult Psychiatry; Vanderbilt University Medical Center 
M.A. in Clinical Psychology; University of Texas at Austin
B.S. in Psychology and Biology-Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Psychology 258
Research Interests: 
  • Mechanisms, dosing, and adherence of treatment strategies for anxiety, depression, and related disorders
  • Investigating the role of health behaviors and mind-body practices (e.g. exercise, yoga, meditation) as augmentation strategies for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and related disorders
  • Methods for improving clinical training and dissemination of evidence-based treatments
The main objective of Dr. Jacquart's clinical work and research program is to improve the treatment of mental health disorders. Dr. Jacquart's research is focused on exploring the mechanisms, dosing, and adherence of treatment and augmentation strategies for anxiety, depression, and related disorders. A second area of focus is research aimed at improving clinical training and the dissemination of evidence-based treatments. 
Dr. Jacquart also directs the Behavioral Health Clinic, which is dedicated to providing high quality and affordable therapy for anxiety, depression, and related disorders to the Tucson community while simultaneously providing high quality clinical training to the University of Arizona clinical psychology graduate students. She has a strong theoretical orientation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and uses approaches that are grounded in research.
Selected Publications: 
Jacquart, J., Papini, S., Freeman, S.Z., Bartholomew, J.B., Smits, J.A.J. (2020). Using exercise to facilitate arousal reappraisal and reduce stress reactivity: A randomized controlled trial. Mental Health and Physical Activity.
Jacquart, J., Dutcher, C., Freeman, S.Z., Stein, A.T., Dinh, M., Carl, E., Smits, J.A.J. (2019). The effects of exercise on transdiagnostic treatment targets: A meta-analytic review. Behaviour Research and Therapy. 115:19-37. PubMed: 30473437.
Jacquart, J., Roquet, R.F., Papini, S., Powers, M.B., Rosenfield, D., Smits, J.A.J., Monfils, M.H. (2017). Enhancing exposure therapy with acute exercise: Negative findings in humans and rats. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. 50:76-86.
Jacquart, J., Papini, S., Davis, M.L., Rosenfield, D., Powers, M.B., Frierson, G., Hopkins, L., Baird, S.O., Marcus, B., Church, T., Otto, M., Zvolensky, M., Smits, J.A.J. (2017). Identifying attendance patterns in a smoking cessation treatment and their relationships with quit success. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 174:65-69.
Medina, J.L., Jacquart, J., Smits, J.A.J. (2015). Optimizing the exercise prescription for the treatment of depression: The search for biomarkers of response. Current Opinion in Psychology. 4:43-47.
Research Program: