Roman Palitsky

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Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Sullivan



Psychology 520
Research Interests: 

Roman Palitsky is a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. His research centers on cultural and existential topics in health psychology, including cultural determinants of risk, resilience, and interpretation of suffering. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University, and his work has focused on the role of religion across health psychology domains. His dissertation research examines religion as a resilience factor in cardiovascular health among bereaved adults, identifying emotion regulation as a key mechanism. He is currently a clinical psychology extern in solid organ transplant at Banner University Medical Center. He also conducts pre-surgical evaluations for chronic pain and bariatric interventions.

Selected Publications: 

Palitsky, R., Sullivan, D., Keefer, L., Steward, S. (2016) Time-Space Distanciation: the cultural backdrop to prospection. Review of General Psychology

Kaplan, D., Palitsky, R., Carey, A., Crane, T., Havens, C., Medrano, M., Reznik, S., Sbarra, D., O’Connor, M. (2017) Maladaptive Repetitive Thought as a Transdiagnostic Phenomenon and Treatment Target: An Integrative Review. Journal of Clinical Psychology

Courses Taught: 
Psychology of Religion & Spirituality
Social Psychology
Psychology of Death and Loss
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